Welcome to the official site of the Italian Chamber of Commerce-Egypt (CCI-Egypt). Your Business is Our Business.

33, Abdel Khalek Sarwat St. Down Town 11511 Cairo, Egypt  facebook
Tel: (+2 02) 23922275 • 23937944 • 23919911 • 23927733  Fax: (+2 02) 23912503 

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An agreement was signed lately between BANCA POPOLARE DI SONDRIO (BPS) & the Italian Chamber of Commerce - Egypt (CCI-Egypt) 
to develop business relations between Egypt and Italy.

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Egyptian Members
3 M Co for Import & General Supplies
6 October factories for House Ware and Hotels
A K G I for Car Spare Parts
A Philippe Design
Aba El Dahab Trading
ABB Electrical Industries
Abdel Moniem Fayez for Marble
Abdou Eleryan for Import
Abou Habagah Company
Abou Youssef Architecture & Contracting Co.
Abouda Company
Abu El Holl Co. Imp.Exp.
Abu Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP)-TMP Agents
African Chemicals
Agencies Engineering for Equipment Factories
AGEP for Engineering Projects & Maintenance
Agricool Egypt
Agrina Import - Export
Ahlan Egypt SRL
Ahram Security Group
Air Trade
Akef Fawzy Co
Al abtal Co
Al Adam for Marble & Granite
Al Adgham Kitchen Equipment & Pastry
Al Ahram Co for Import & Export - Metal Working
Al Ahram Imp & Exp & Commercial Agencies
Al Alamien Co for Import & Export
Al Alamiya for Rock Ceramic Industry
Al Amana Co For Import and Export
Al Amar Consulting Group S.A (AMG)
Al Arabia Trading and Development
Al Armany for Manufacture Shoes
Al Ashraf Import & Export
Al Assil Co. for Import
Al Atef for Trading
Al Badr New for Marble and Granite
Al Batal for Importing Equipment Tools
Al Cazar Fine Woods
Al Ezz Ceramic & Porcelain - GEMMA
Al Gad Import & Export
Al Huda Co - Ahmed Fouad Alam El Din & Partners
Al Italia for Import Export
Al Italia for Trading and Electric Supply
Al Kahira Co. for Trading & Import ( CAIRO HYDRAULIC)
Al Karam for Marble & Granite
Al Karas for Import & Export
Al Kods for Marble & Granite
Al Mahba Co for Marble & Granite
AL Mansi Co for Import & Export
Al Masia Company for Producing Ceramic "Ceramica Varsina"
Al Moustafa Co for Import and Export
Al Obour for Glass & Tempering
Al Omaraa for Ceramic production ( Ceramic La Beaute)
Al Phahd Al Pharony for Processing and Mobilization Citrus
Al Qaswaa for Trade & Supplies
Al Rahma Import & Export
Al Rajaa for Clay Products "Ceramica Venus"
Al Rowad for Marble Granite and Quarries
Al Safa Co for Import & Export
Al Safa Marble
Al Sakhr Al Arabi for Marble & Granite
Al Salwa International Petrochemical Engineering Services
Al Shams for Import & Export
Al Shark Healthcare
Al Shoala for Plastic
Al Shorouk Co. for Import Export & Plastic Manufacturing
Al Shorouk for Pulling Electric Wires
Al Watnia Import Export
Albo Misr
Alex Star Imp & Exp.Co
Alfa Electronics
Alfa Import & Export
Alfa Import & Export
Alfa Omega
Alfa Stone for Marble and Quarries
All Star Imp. & Exp Co
Almina Light Co. for Export Import & Agencies
Aluminium Al Ahram Co. S.A.E.
Aly El Badry Son's
AMA for Export & Custom Services
Amir for Export Agriculture Crops
Ammar Tannery for Leather, Tanning & Trading
ANASIA Egypt for Trading (S.A.E.)
ANB Packing Station Fruits & Vegetables
Angelina Co for Import & Export
Angelina Company for Import & Export
Anis for Electric Supplies
Any Way
Apex for Trading & Industries
AR - Co Wood Industry
Arab Express Shipping Co.
Arab Hosiery & Confection Corporation "DIMA"
Arab International Center
Arab Metals Co Export Import and General Supplies
Arab Union Factory for Glass
Arabian Italian Co
Arabital Co for Cargo & Transport
Arabstone for Marble & Granite
Architects & Designers - Hosaam Nabil
Art Line for Organizing International Exhibitions & Conferences
ART Nouveau
Asal Furniture Co.
Asat for Trade and Industry
Ashraf Fayek Rizk Co
AT Auto
ATC for Contracting & Trading
Atef & Youssef (Miss Sara) for Leather Products
Aton Co for Agencies & Trade
Atta Youssef Sons for Lathing Works
Awlad Zekry for Marble & Granite
Bakr Co for Import & Export
Baraka Optics
Basaryat Trading
Basco (Building Automation Services Co)
Basco Engineering & Trading
Bashayer El Kair for Real State and Hoteling Projects
Basmala for Trading and Chemical - Onix
Bayan Palace for Curtains & Upholstery
BEBO Shoes
Beshir Engineering & Trading Co
Bliss Concept
Boules Faragallah Assad
Bourak Co for Import - Export Computer
Bronto Auto Spare Parts Trading
Builders for Engineering and Contracting Co
Bureau des Projets Techniques
Business Way for Exp & Imp
C & CO optics
Cairo Contracting Company
Cairo Diesel Trading Group
Cairo for Packaging Production - Cairo Pac
Cairo Leather Industries Co. "Seven K"
Cairo Marketing Co
Care Services
Cargo International Co for Imp & Exp and Shipping
Carma Famiglia for Import
Catteno Company
Charpeco for Paper & Chemicals
Choisi for Women and Kids Wear
City for Trading & Contracting
City Gold
City Trade
City University
Clima Consulting Bureau
Coffee Club Company
Colors House for Dying,Printing and Finishing
Comet Group S.A.E. Hotel & Touristic Project Equipment
Comex Industrial Company
Comtec Integrated Solutions
Conserv General Contractors
Contact Interiors
Corsini Travel
Credit Guarantee Company (C.G.C) - S.A.E.
Crocodile Egypt Travel
Crown Misr Company
Crystal for Marble and Granite
D & B Graphics
Dahab Co for Pasta and Food Industries
Dana for Industrial & Commercial Investment
Dar Al Handasah
DARS - Expertise House
Decorama Company
Decorative Glass
Deeb Group for Technological Leather Industry
Deeptech Oil Services Free Zone
Degla Stone
Delta for Trading & Development S.A.E
Delta Masr for Import and Export
Delta Trade & Distribution Center - Delta Center
Develop for Marble & Granite
Diamond Food Machines
Diesel Power
Directions Co ltd
Djet Trading Company
Dr Hanaa Abd El Salam Ragab - Ragab's Firm
Dream Julia for Construction & Real Estate
Dream Marble for Marble & Granite
E G Metal for Operation Metals
E T I Egypt Trading International
E.I.C. The Egyptian Italian Co. for Shoes & Shoe Components
Ecko Stone
Eco Egypt
Efoam Egypt Co.For Import Export & Commercial Agencies
Egycan Co for Import & Export
Egygreen Limited
Egypro Co
Egypt Co.For Air Conditioning,Refrigeration&General Engineering"EGYCOND"
Egypt Fashion Group - ecru outfit
Egypt for International Trade - EGINTRADE
Egypt for Paper Industries
Egypt Free Shops Company
Egypt Japan Steel Works
Egypt Machines Trading and Workshops Co
Egypt Marble for Marble & Granite
Egypt Mark for Touristic Projects
Egyptex for Export
Egyptian Aluminum Tubes Co - Tubal Egypt
Egyptian American Co for Mining and Mines
Egyptian American for Trading & Cont. "METCO"
Egyptian Austrian Co for Import & Export
Egyptian Canning Co.(AMERICANA)
Egyptian Co. for Agencies & Industry S.A.E. (Ex. Ghali & Co.for Agencies)
Egyptian Co. for Textile Industries"Dintex"
Egyptian Comp. For Touristic Development & Properties Investment
Egyptian Company For Air Systems
Egyptian Company for Operating Metals
Egyptian Corporation for Construction and Engineering Works - Egyctra Corporation
Egyptian Engineering & Industrial Office for Hotel Equipment
Egyptian Engineering Agencies S.A.E. Joint Stock Company
Egyptian Engineering Co for Modern Industries - Gogo Steel
Egyptian European Co for Exhibition and Trading
Egyptian for Importing,Contracting & Trade - EGICAT
Egyptian French Frames
Egyptian German co for Industrial Investment - El Samaloty
Egyptian Group for Marketing
Egyptian Group for Project
Egyptian International co for Cosmetics
Egyptian International Co Import and Export
Egyptian International Establishment for Trade
Egyptian Italian Co
Egyptian Italian Co for Ceramic Tiles - Ceramica Verdi
Egyptian Italian Co for Cutting Marble
Egyptian Italian Co. for Industrial Supply of Shoes 2M
Egyptian Italian Export - Import
Egyptian Italian for Ovens
Egyptian Italian Group
Egyptian Lebanese Co for Marble & Granite
Egyptian Packaging & Plastic Systems Corp. "Makka Al Mokarama"
Egyptian Saudi for mining
Egyptian Trading & Contracting Office
Egyptian Trading Center
Egyptian Vacation Club
Egytal for Imp & Exp
Egytalia for Marble & Granite
Egytel for Hotel Supplies
Egytrade Consulting & Trading
Eid Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim for Import and Export
Eissa Co for Ceramics
Eissa for Trade & Distribution
El ABD Intertrade
El Ahram Trading Company
El Alamia for Safety & Communication Systems
El Amaraha Co for Import & Export
El Amier Factory for Product Wears
El Amin for Gelatine S.A.E
El Ansary Trading and Contracting Company
El Araby co for Trading and Manufacturing - Medhat El Araby
El Arosa for Clothes
El Badr Co for Marble & Granite
El Badr For the manufacture of Yarn & Import and Export
El Baraka Group
El Baron Group MH
El Batal Modern Co for Marble & Granite
El Borg Restaurant Co
El Bostan Real Estate and Touristic Development
El Burak for Engineering & Development
El Daabeh tex for Textile & Tricot
El Dahan Factory for Metals
El Dargham for Trading & Sweets Supplies
El Dawlia El Masrya for Textile Co
El Deeb for Technological Marble & Granite
El Delta Trading Company
El Doaa Co
El Ekhlas Foundry
El Eman for Import & Trade
El Fairoze for Imp & Exp
El Faramawy Co for Import & Export - Faramawy Group
El Farasha Co for Manufacture & Printing Packaging Materials
El Fatemia Co.Commerce,Trading,Import & Export
El Forsan Co for Marble and Granite
El Fouad for Import & Export
El Gammal Co for Paints & Chemical Industries
El Gawaher for Import & Export
El Geoushy Parquet Import & Export
El Gliel Import & Export
El Group Abou Bakr Co for Export and Import
El Haggar Compressor Co.
El Hamd Co for Import & Export for Food stuff
El Helal and Golden Star Group
El Hoda Co for Knitting & Dying
El Hoda Co for Travel
El Horreya for Trading Trucks Tailers, Agricultural Development & Import, Export Co.
El Jazairy for Clothing and Cotton Wear
El Khaligya for Hydraulic & General Supplies
El Maadi co for Agricultural Works - Ever Green
El Madina El Motaheda for Tourism Development & Investment (United Madina)
El Mahmoud Co for Import - Export and Trading Auto Parts
El Mahmoudia General Contracting Co & Real Estate Investment
El Maleka Co for Import & Export
El Mamalik Pharmacy
El Masreen for Trading & Economic Development
El Meligie Group for Household Articles
El Meligie Office Import Export
El Moasasa El Dawalea for Import Export
El Mohandes for Consulting and Trading - MCT Co
El Morsy for Marble and Granite
El Nada for Trading & Cont.
El Nakhil Tours
El Nasr for Import & Export
El Negma Factory Pasta
El Nile for Real Estate Investment
El Nour for Import & Export
El Nour for Marble & Granite
El Omda Group for Import & Export
El Prince Co for Marble & Granite
El Rahma Co for Import & Export
El Ramses Fresh (Meshraky Ramses Meshraky and his Partner)
EL Reda Co for Supplies
El Rouby Import & Export
El Rowad Co.
El Saady Factory for Wooden & Metal Industries
El Safa Co For Import
El Safa for International Trading Comp.
El Sahaba Co for Marble & Granite
El Salam for Marble and Granite
El Sebaey Centers for Physical Therapy
El Shalakany for Engineering
El Shark Co for Ceramic of Porcelain Industry - Gloria Ceramica
El Shimy Construction
El Solasya for Dying , Finishing & Printing
El Soudi co for Carton and Printing - Cairo Pack
El Talyany Co.
El Tawoos for Trading Agencies
El Tekawy Trading Co.
El Temsah Co for Import & Export
El Touny Elevator Co.
El Waad for Import & Export - Diabco Electric
El Waha for Trade
El Yasmine Co - Mohamed Mohamed Ghazy El Semsar
El Yosr Co. for Import, Export & Commercial Agencies
El Zahbya Co for Industry Metal & Steel
El Zeiny for Trading & Dist.Sanitary
El Zohor For Juices
Elecon Co
Electrostar Co.
Elegance for Construction
Elko Elevators Co.
Elsolasya for Dying and Finishing and Printing
Ema co for Macaroni Manufacturing
Ema Co. for Hydropnumatic Engineering
Emak International for Trading & Supplies
Emileo Interiors
Engineering & Trading Group - ENTRAG
Engineering Co for Import,Export and Agencies
Engineering Co for Industrial Feeding (ECIF)
Engineering Co for Manufacture of Gears
Engineering Enterprise for Civil & Steel Construction
Engineering Establishment for Condition & Cooling Trade
Engineering for Hydraulic & Pneumatic (EHP)
Engineering Plastics Co (EPM)
Engineering Trading Co - E.T.C
Entrepreneur for Importing ,Exporting & Commercial Agencies
Equinox International Trading
Esadora Floating Hotels
Etqan Furniture
Euro Pack
Everstone Co.for Engineering & Agencies
Ezz El Arab Trading Co
FACT Financial Advice Corporate Transactions S.A.E
Falcon Engineering Co.
Falcon Power Systems
Farag Industry
Farahat Import & Export
Fast Trade for Imp & Exp and Customs Clearance
Fathy Abd El Fatah Co
Fayed Agricultural Development Company (FATA)
Fayn for Trading
Filopater Company for Food Supplies
First for Trading & Supplies
First Group for Plastic Industries
First T D Co S.A.E. for Marble & Granite
Five Stars Trading Co
Food & Beverages Integrated Solution (FABIS)
Fresh Electric for home appliances
Friends Air for Cooling
Friends Stone for Import & Export
Frienergy Ltd
Futec (Future Technologies Co.)
Future Office Furniture
G I S Free Zones
G T C for Contracting
G.T.M for Import & Export
Gabr for Import & Export
Gad for Import
Gamal Mehawd Moustafa
GAO Marble
Gargour Technologies
Gas Air Import
Gates Trade
General Contractors & Import
General Electronic Systems
General Pharma
George Boules Fargalla Import & Export
Ghalioungui Trading L.T.D.
Gioia Lingerie Misr Italia Company for Ready Made
Global for Engineering & Trading
Global for Import & Export
Global Industries Group (GIG)
Global Stones
Global Trade Corporation Ltd
Globex International Company "GIC"
Golden Eyes
Golden Horse for Marble
Golden Import & Export and Trading Agencies
Golden Industry
Golden Pharaoh
Golden Stone for Marble & Granite
Green Hope for Agricultural Development
Green Land
H S for Import & Export
H.B. Factory
Hafez associates
Haguena for Manufacturing boilers and ovens
Halim Anwar Ibrahim Armanyous
HAMA Holding for financial Investments
Hammam Industries Co
Happy Home for Electronics Home
Happy House Export & Import
Hassan Helmy & Co
HB Industrial Group - Art Ceramic
Heinrich's Commercial Agency
Helmy consult
Hesham for Import
Hi Tech Dental Lab
Hi Tek Engineering
High Way
Home and Beyond
Horas Spa Oasis of Health and Beauty
Hot Line
Houras Factory
House Of Arms (HOA)
House of Design & Furniture Industry - Mehrez & Krema
Human Life Care
HYdrotech for Rotating Equipment
Ibrahim Sons Company for Plastic
Imag Co
Industrial Development Works
Industrial Systems Group
Industrimp International Co
Integrated Consulting Bureau (ICB)
Integration Co. for Engineering Consultation
Internationa Agency for Mechanical Tools Engineering Machines
International Center for Import Export
International Clearance Office I.C.O.
International Co
International Co for Import & Commercial Agencies INTERWACO
International Co for Trading & Economic Development - Ashmand
International Co for Ceramics Industries - Ceramica Rondy
International Co for Glass Industries
International Co for Trade & Import "OFF ROAD"
International Engineering Development - I E D
International Pack Packaging Systems
International Projects & Consulting Co. "I.P.C."
International Trading & Engineering Suppliers
International Trading Company (ITC)
Intertrade - Mohamed El Soufy Ramadan
Iso Marble Co. for Marble & Granite
Isotermica Contracting L.L.C
IT Synergy
ITALEGYC Co. (Agent - General Supplier & Exporter)
Italian Egyptian - Roma Steel
Italian Egyptian Co for Development of Livestock and Poultry
Italian Express Tourist Services
Italian Eyewear Company
Italian House
Italian Lighting Co
Italian Silver Import & Export
Italprogetti Misr for Industry & Trading
Jessy Trade
Joly Optics
Joy Co
Kabomed Co
Kanz for Handmade Leather Products
Karas Co for Granite
Karras for Ceramic and Porcelain
Kasb Group for Marble & Granite
Khaled Badawy Co.Import & Export
Khaled Baghdadi For Trade& Agency
Khaled Khoshala & Partners for Import and Export
Khatabco Group
Kimo Two Thousand and One
King Gold
King Plast
Kiro Marble for Marble & Granite
Kiroseiz Touristic Construction
Kojac Factory for Import & Export
Kriby International Exp.Imp
La Pace International for Trade
La Poire Touristic Enterprises
Leader Corp for Fertilizers
Leenos for Trading and Agencies
Life Style Sport
Lord Trading & Engineering Services Co.
Louvre Meuble
M A S Engineering & Construction
M B Stone for Marble & Granite
M G 4 Import
M K for Marble & Granite
M O Oraby Company for Leather Products
M Trade Imp. Exp.
M.Gu Import
Maba Import & Export
Macarona Roma Investment Co
Macaroni Al Nagy Factory
Macca for Export & Import & General Contracting
Madar Co.
Madina Engineering & Construction
Maggie Metal Corporation "MMC"
Magic Line Company
Magnum Enterprise
Magronite for Marble & Granite
Mahmoud Hamed Sons A4M for Import & Export
Mahmoud Metwally
Mahrabel Travel
Mahran Co.
Mainetti Egypt Free Zone
Manro Trading Center
Mansi Eyewear
Marble Tech Co For Marble & Granite
Mariam Co for Import & Export
Marie Louis & BTM
Marina for Plastic Packages
Marine Import Export Co.
Marmina for Import
Marmo Trading
Marmotec for Export & Import
Maro Import and Export
Marosca Co for Marble & Granite
Marsa Alam Kahraman Beach Resort
Marsa Marsa Alam for Touristic Development
Masria for Engineering Contracting
Masria for Metallurgical Powder Industry
Master Gold Jewellery Factory
Master Wood
Matrix Travel Solutions
Maxim Tours
MCS Free Zone
Medgenco International Trade
Medhat Mohamed Saleh
Media Trade for Import & Agencies
Medstar Misr
Mena Gold
Mentrade for Import & Agencies
Mespah Khalel Co for Construction
Metad Helwan
Meteor Egypt for Electromechanical Solutions
Meuble El Chark Factory S.A.E
MFFCO Helwan Furniture Production
Midani Man-made fibers
Middle East Economic Co
Middle East Textiles
Milano Co for Import & Export
Millennium Developing Co for Real Estate & Marble
Mina for Paper Trading
Minatrade International Company
Miro Marble
Misr Compressor Manufacturing Co. (S.A.E.)
Misr Cosmetics
Misr Establishment for Engineering and Industrial Services
Misr Italia Import & Export "Decoration"
Misr Motors Co Fathi Badran & Co
Misr Pack
Mission Tours Company
MITICO Co for Import Export & Agency
MM for Trading & Distribution
MM Packing & Printing
Modern Metals Co
Modern Office for Agencies
Mohamed Ahmed Omar Co.
Mohamed and Ahmed Harby
Mohamed Harby and His Partner
Mohamed Hassan Amin Comp.
Mohamed Hussein for Agriculture Development
Mohamed Hussein for Agricultural Development
Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Hassan "Elyaser Shoes"
Mohrabile International for Import Export
Mondial Chandeliers & Import Export
Mondo Del Mare for Import & Export
Mostafa Ramadan Office
MSC Egypt
Multi - Min (Egypt) for mining
Multi M Group for Metallic & Wooden Industries (S.A.E.)
Multi Tech Co
N G National Gas S.A.E.
Nabil Wilson Import & Export Office
Nafco for Import & Export and Trade
Naga Group
Nascom Egyptian Co. for Supplies & Contracting
Nasser Tex Company for Weaving & Dyeing
National Co for Complementary Industries
National Industrial & Trading Co - Gravena
Nawar Trading Company
NBG Bank
Negm Sons Co for Import & Export
Neisco for Modern Water Systems Production
New Capritex
New Egypt for Food Industries
New Fine Pack for Packaging & Cartoon
New life for Import & Export
New Pero Fashion
New Professional for Import & Export
New Star International
New Valley Co for Trading & Development
New Vision Travel
Nile Aluminium & Metals Company "AluNile"
Nile Button Company "NIBU"
Nile Engineering Co.
Nile Sons for Marble & Granite
Nile Specialty Chemicals Co
Nile Stone International
No Limits Furniture
Noi Voi
Nouval Modern
Novovent Egypt Company
NTS GRP National Travel Service
Ocean Express
Offshore Protection Engineering Company
Olympic Group
Om El Nour Jewellery
Omega Engineering & Trading
Omega Sanitary Ware
Onix for Marble & Granite
Option Automotive
Organic Engineering Consultants
Oryx Leather Products Co.
Osiris Bookshop
Pacific Water Technologies
Paper Converting Co - Verta
Pashmina for Trading and Agencies
Perfect Engineering Work
Perfect Spinning Company
Pharoah Porcelain Group
Pharoah Style for Cearmic & Porcelain
Pharoahs Ceramic Group
Photolitho Masr
Plan for Trade & Constructions
Plast Two Thousand for Industrial & Trade
Plast Eighty
PMS Egypt Engineering
Pola Trade Co.
Porcelain & Ceramics Al Amir
Porcelaina Co for Sanitary Ware
Port Said Metal Works Co. - Mog Group
Poulitec Ltd
Power House
Power Sports & Fitness
Power Trade
Prima Elios for Electrical Industries.S.A.E
Prima for Import,Export and Agencies
Primostone Marble & Granite
Progress of Marble & Granite
Protrade Co.
Pure Gold
Qualita for Trade
Rabboni Plast Company "Wagdy N. Attia & Partners"
Radi International Trade
Ragab Sons Co
Rasha El Agroudy Trompe L'oeil
Raslan Co - Import & Export
Raya Stone for Marble & Granite
Refrigeration & catering equipment Factory (REFCAT)
Reftruck Egypt for Refrigeration
Regina Hotels Group
Rina Egypt L.L.C
Romana for Poultry
Romany for Import
Rotana for Hotel Supplies
Rotogravure Industrial Investment
Saadani Group
Sabet Group
Safety Egypt Co. for Trading & Supplying
Safwat Moawad Co. for Importing & Exporting
Safwat Nour El-Din Management
Saint Mario Co.
Sakara International for Trade
Sakkary Est for Trading & Industry
Samco Electric
San Joseph Center for Physical Therapy & Obesity Management
Sarg Tannery
Sarhan for Marble & Granite
Sarwat A. Shahid Law Firm
Scarf Home
Scoop Company for trading and import S.A.E.
Scope Optics Factory
Second Home - Real Estate & Investment
Sedrak Optics - Adel Sedrak
Sedrak Optics - Ashraf Sedrak
Sedrak Optics - Sobhy Sedrak
Sehely Textile & Dyeing Co
Seti First Group S.A.E.
Shaban Co
Shadypack for Pharmaceutical and Food Packaging
Shams Company
Sharkia Candles Factory
Shata Import & Export
Shedid Engineering Establishment
Sheeba International Garments Co.
Sheikh Abdull Perfumes Handicraft Glass
shelbaya Technology for Metal Working
Sherif Baghdadi for Representation
Shershall Co for Modern Industries
Ship & C R E W Egypt
Shira for Trade and Agencies
Short for Leather Products
Shoulah Furniture Co
Siag Travel
Silver Establishment for Leather Products
Sina Tiles for Marble & Granite - Al Dorgham
Sinai White Cement (Portland) S.A.E
Siro for Trade and Services
Siti- B&T -Egypt
Sky Light Company
Soil Mec Misr
Soliman Group
Solution Co
Sonesta Hotels Resorts & Nile Cruises
Soudan Shipping and Trading
Spark Concord Trading Co
Square Lights
Standard Engineering and Industrialization
Standart for Engineering & Trading
Star International
Stone Planet Import & Export
Swan Trading
Sweillem Vitrified Clay Pipes
Tabarak Holding Company
Tag Mahal for Import & Export
Tahoun Brothers
Tanta Motors Co ,S.A.E.
Tanyous Group for Export & Import
Task Resources Co - Tarco
Tawfik Ouda
Technical Egypt for Import
Technical Equipment Trading Company ( Tetco)
Techno Group
Techno Marble (Marble Technology & Tools)
Techno Master for Metal Industries - Technometal
Techno Stone for Marble Working
Technotrade S.A.E
Tecnostone for Industry & Contractors
Tema Egypt for Marble & Granite
Termo Plastic El Sebily Co
Tervina Trading Company
The Arab ceramic Co - Aracemco
The Egyptian Co for Industry & International Trade
The Egyptian Co. for Water Treatment & Swimming Pools
The Egyptian Export & Forwarding Co. "EGYXPRESS"
The Egyptian German Co.For Industries and Trading
The Engineering Co. for Trading & Industry
The Eslamic Company for Manufacture Papers
The Eslamic Company for Printing & Packaging
The International Co for Petroleum and Industrial Services - INCOME
The Moon for Home Wear
The Pharaonic Co. for Import & Export
The Pharonic for Pasta
The Specialized Contracting Co - Cranes
The Technical company for Automatic Scales
Tiba for Future Furniture
Tiba for Trading
Tie House for Import & Export
Tiger for Import and Export
Top Light for Import & Supply
Toshky Co. for Marble & Granite & Quarries
Touch Stone Co
Tractors Engineering Industries
Trans Ocean Exp and Imp Co
Travel Harmony - Egypt
Trueval Cookware Co
Tuborco Factory for Steel Pipes & Green house
Union - Ehab Mohamed Mowafy & Partner Co
Union Engineering for Trade & Industry
Union Engineering Group "U.E.G."
Union for Plastic Factory
Union Textiles "Mardini Group"
United Co for Contracting
United Co for Land Reclamation and Agro Industries
United Company for Trading - Scarpa
United Egypt for Investment Trading & Industries
United Import & Export Co
United Industrial Co for Metals
United Investment for Industry
United Metals Co.
United Trading & Distribution Co. (El Gohary)
Universal for Engineering Industries (S.A.E.)
Universal Italiana
Universal Trade Co
Univert Food Industries Co
Via Egypt Travel
Vinavil Egypt for Chemicals
Volta Egypt
W Trade
Wadi El Nil for Paper & Printing Access.
Wadi El Nile Diesel Motors Co.
Water Egypt
Water Engineering
Wencom Ltd
White & Red Co
Wood Equipment Co.
Wood Maker for Furniture & Decoration
World Technology
WW Consultant Co.
Yasser Fahmy Hydraulic Eng.
Zamzam for Engineering Industries
Zedan plast

The database shown is for members as at 31st December 2014